About Us

Aston Care is an Approved Home Care Packages Provider, authorised by MyAgedCare to supply support services to elderly Australians who wish to remain living in their own homes with Dignity, Confidence, and Independence.

We are not a multinational corporation.
We are not a church-based corporation.
We are not a franchised business with a head office in Sydney or Melbourne
and franchised offices remote from where you live.

We are a team of dedicated caring health professionals who saw a need for a better standard of
home care services, tailored to the needs of local residents of Kingscliff and the Tweed Coast

We do all we can to help you to remain independent and enjoy your best possible life.

Let us provide our personalised support you need.

What sets us apart

Our Services

Aston Home Care offers a huge range of services. Every person is different and has different needs. Some might just want a person to come round and put the rubbish bins out, others might want a podiatrist to do their toenails, others may need assistance with showering and bathing. We work with you to tailor a Care Plan that meets your goals and needs.

What services can my Home Care Package cover?

Any other service that directly linked to the goals and needs listed on your care plan, AND will improve your health and well-being, AND is necessary for you to continue living safely and independently in your home, AND can be delivered within your Home Care Package budget

In home respite, a break for careers for errands or well-being activities. 

Our Charges

There are many Home Care Package Providers out there and all calculate their fees and charges differently. Some trumpet “No Case Management Fees” but their inflated hourly fees for service are usually not mentioned. At Aston Care we believe in being up front and open about our fees. We do deduct a Case Management Fee from your account each fortnight, but at around $3.30* per day, it works out less than the price of a cup of coffee for level 1. Even at the highest Level 4, The Case Management Fee is just $20.60* per day, deducted from your account of $145.94* per day. Our minimum service charge is 1 hour then 15-minute blocks after that. Some providers charge a minimum of 2 hours and/or hourly blocks.

All our fees and charges are deducted from your Home Care Package account that MyAgedCare pays to us. You are not required to pay these amounts out of your own pocket. Unlike some providers, we do not charge any Entry fees, Set-up fees, Exit fees or Basic Daily fees. Our initial obligation-free consultation is also provided free of charge. The only fees we charge are shown below.


Personal Care, Review, Social, Transport
Cleaning, Gardening, Mowing
Allied Health
Normal Hours 7:00am-7:00pm Mon-Fri
or Expense plus 10%
After Hours 7:00pm-7:00am
Public Holidays


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Management Fee
Management Fee

Transport Charges

If your have asked us to drive you to the shops, to the doctors or just for a social outing to get out of the house, your account will be charged $1.33 per kilometre travelled in addition to the hourly charge.

Other service and devices

If you ask us to supply you with equipment such as monitors, security sytems, personal safety alarms etc, or ask us to provide a service that is outside our <usual range of service> or requires a specialist caregiver, we will charge your account our cost price plus a 10% surcharge to cover administrsation and procurement costs.

Please note that this schedule of fees and charges apply to client who have an approved Home Care Package. The rates charged to clients without a package (Private Clients) will vary slightly from this schedule. Contact us for more details.

Private Services

All the services offered by Aston Home Care to Home Care Package recipients are also available privately. This means that if you don’t wish to be assessed, have been assessed and denied a Package, are waiting for an assesment, or waiting for a Package to be allocated, you can still obtain those services from us.

You don’t have to go through MyAgeCare; You don’t need to have an ACAT assesment; You don’t even need to be elderly! There are no eligibility requirements and no waiting periods. On the other hand, there are no Government subsidies so you will need to pay the costs of the services you choose yourself.

Whatever the reason you need assistance, we can offer the assistance you need to continue living in your own home with Dignity, Confidence, and Independence.

Contact Us to find out what services are available and how much they will cost.

What services are NOT covered by
my Home Care Package?

Government rules stipulate that you cannot use
your Home Care Package to purchase certain
goods and services that you would usually pay for
out of your general income. These include:

Buying food and groceries. You may use your
Home Care Package to pay for preparation and
delivery of meals, just not for the meal itself.
(Some exceptions such as Enternal Feeding can be
purchased through your Home Care Package)

Payments for permanent accomodation,
including rent, mortgage repayments, and
Residential Care fees

Payment for other types of care partly or wholly funded by the Australian Government

Home modifications or purchases that are not directly related to your care needs

Travel and accommodation for holidays

Entertainment activities, such as club memberships, tickets to sporting events and gambling

Payment for Items and Services covered by the Medicare Benefits Schedule or the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, such as doctor’s fees and prescriptions.

A Home Care Package should not be used for, and does not replace, care and services that can be accessed through other health programs that you might be eligible for. You should continue to access these if and when you need them, through your GP and hospitals.

Get the right care for you! live your best life, independently & with dignity in your own home.