Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages are designed so that you can continue to live in your own home rather than moving into residential aged care. The packages provide whatever assistance services you need, so that you can continue to live in your own home with Dignity, Confidence, and Independence.

Even if you are just looking for options and haven’t yet been assessed, Aston Home Care is here to help. Contact us for a cost-free, obligation-free assessment in your own home. We can discuss what services you desire and help you through the application process.

The services available under Home Care Packages are many and varied and are tailored to your exact requirements. No two people are exactly alike so no two Home Care Packages are exactly alike. You are in charge of your own care. You tell us what services you require, not the other way around.

Services range from companionship and social outings through assistance with basic tasks such as personal care, household cleaning, gardening, and transport, to more advanced services like podiatry, nursing, and allied health care.

Get the right care for you! live your best life, independently & with dignity in your own home.