Subsidies and Costs

The Government holds an account on your behalf and Aston Home Care works with you to ensure your needs can be met from the budget the government makes available. Into this account goes the funds that pay for the services.

  • Government Subsidy which ranges from $10,242.96 to $59,430.28 depending on the Package level, plus any applicable supplements (such as dementia support, oxygen, enteral feeding, veterans and remote area subsidies) less any deduction the Government makes, (such as Income-Tested subsidy reductions and reductions if you get support from other sources such as workers compensation etc).

  • Any additional supplements such as dementia support, home oxygen, enteral feeding that may be available depending on your circumstances.

  • Basic Daily Care Fee you pay. This can be up to $11.71 per day but Aston Home Care does not charge this fee.

  • Income-Tested Care Fee you pay. The Government may make you pay this fee depending on your income. As a general rule, pensioners pay nothing but it may be between $16.79 and $33.59 for those who can afford to contribute.

  • Any Additional Fees you agree to pay. This only applies if you want services above and beyond those funded by the Government, and only after discussion, and only with your agreement.

Out of this account comes the charges for providing the services and administering your package, as well as any amounts the government may deduct from your budget

  • Government deductions such as income-tested co-contributions and reductions in subsidy of you are receiving other supports such as workers compensation

  • Fees charged for services provided or equipment purchased

  • Care Management Fee

  • Package Management Fee

Each month you will receive a statement detailing money going into and out of the account, what services have been provided, and how much money is remaining in your budget.

The balance in the account is technically yours but can only be used to provide care services listed in your care plan and cannot be taken as cash. Any balance remaining in the account each month rolls over to the next month. We generally manage your Care Plan so almost all of the budget is spent each period, but sometimes it is a good idea to build up a bit of a surplus to cover any future need for additional services. If you change Home Care Package Providers, then the balance is transferred to your account with the new provider.

Home Care Packages are subject to a means test. The Government expects that those with the ability to pay should contribute more towards the cost of their care than those who are less well-off. Aston Care can help you through this process, but it is the Government who decides. If you are a self-funded retiree or receiving a part-pension, then you may be required by the Government to pay an income-tested fee which ranges between $15.12 and $30.25 a day. There are annual and lifetime caps on these co-payments.

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